The International Patient Summary key health data, worldwide

IHE Sharing of IPS (sIPS) Profile

The IHE Sharing of IPS (sIPS) Profile provides for methods of exchanging the International Patient Summary (IPS), utilizing (without modifying) the specifications documented in the HL7 FHIR IPS Implementation Guide, and leveraging the provisions outlined in the IHE Whitepaper IHE Document Sharing Health Information Exchange. The IHE sIPS Profile supports International Patient Summary (IPS) content (as defined in the ISO 27269 data model specification) binding with IHE’s document sharing infrastructure, including cross-community, HIE, direct exchange models, and more. It has been designed specifically to remove barriers to adoption, by leveraging architectures that are currently implemented, well-established, and robust. The sIPS Profile provides implementation guidance to vendors and implementers, and joins a growing suite of IPS standards artefacts contributed by a variety of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), and coordinated by the Joint Initiative Council for Global Health Informatics Standardization (JIC).

Due to the minimal global uptake of HL7’s CDA encoding of the IPS at the time of publication, the focus of the sIPS Profile is currently based on the specification provided in the HL7 FHIR IPS IG. Any document conforming to the base IPS specification can be exchanged using sIPS.

The IHE sIPS Profile provides guidance to implementers on how a number of important functions may be leveraged to support key IPS use cases. These include:

  • Publishing an IPS
  • On Demand Access to an IPS
  • Retrieving an IPS
  • Pushing an IPS to a Recipient

The IPS, as a current patient summary, is an excellent document for the “On-Demand” capability of the Document Sharing infrastructure. IHE Document Sharing also has “Stable” and “Delayed Assembly” document entry types that are further explained in the HIE Whitepaper Dynamic Documents.

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