The International Patient Summary key health data, worldwide

Healthcare Professional

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

New patient, new data, direct in EHR.

In most jurisdictions the needs of doctors in primary and secondary care will be identified as the most significant set of needs in terms of the usability of the International Patient Summary (IPS). In some jurisdictions nurses will also be endorsed to access and use the IPS, whereas hospital and community pharmacists may also need to access the patient’s IPS. Their primary need is to obtain a synthesised snapshot about the patient relevant to the immediate need of treating that patient.

Adapted from: eStandards – eHealth Standards and Profiles in Action for Europe and Beyond, Deliverable 3.5: Roadmap for collaborative and sustainable standards development – Recommendations for a globally competitive Europe; Companion Document 2: The eStandards Roadmap Components; Final Version 1.0, 31.07.2017, chapter 7. (See the The eStandards Roadmap for the Patient Summary)

A good starting point for the healthcare professional to get acquainted with the IPS would be:

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash