The International Patient Summary key health data, worldwide

Community of Practice

According to Etienne Wenger , the structural characteristics of a community of practice (CoP) comprise a domain of knowledge, a notion of a community, and a practice. For an IPS CoP, the domain of knowledge that creates common ground and inspires members to participate, guiding their learning, is the implementation of the IPS in different settings answering to different needs. The community that creates the social fabric of mutual learning is what fosters interactions and encourages the sharing of ideas. The IPS practice covers different facets of mutual learning in different testing events, hackathons where we elaborate implementation of new ideas, and datathons where we explore new data sets. In the end an IPS CoP is our reference site for our shared knowledge, the meeting place of the IPS community.

If you have questions about the patient summary or have thought of another use case or value proposition for the IPS, you are one of us, shaping the IPS ecosystem. The current most appropriate place to engage with and become part of the global IPS community of practice is through the IPS Zulip chat . But other IPS CoPs may exist or arise, which we are happy to list here as well.

Please see our Contact page or the IPS Web Editorial Team if you want to reach out to us.