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Questions and comments around the ISO 27269 standard can best be discussed with representatives of your national standards institute , or sent to the ISO/TC 215 secretariat .

With respect to the EN ISO 27269 and CEN TS 17288 you are requested to contact representatives of your national standards institute  if you are located in Europe, or contact the CEN/TC 251 secretariat .

For HL7 questions, you may want to use the International Patient Summary listserv  under Patient Care or the IPS Zulip chat . Of course you can also contact your local HL7 Affiliate .

Questions and feedback regarding the use of the SNOMED IPS Reference Set, please send an email to with “IPS RF2 Refset” in the subject box, or contact your SNOMED CT National Release Center .

Should you have questions or comments about the IHE IPS Profile, you may contact the IHE Patient Care Coordination team through email to, or your national IHE deployment committee .