The International Patient Summary key health data, worldwide


Your key health data, whenever you need them.

Citizens and patients have a significant interest in the International Patient Summary (IPS), whether it is to support their own care, or the care of someone for whom they have a caring responsibility. Their primary needs are to:

  • obtain better care during unexpected healthcare problems (this is a social right without discrimination across boundaries)
  • access to his/her own clinical data
  • (in some cases) integrate the health professional content with patient generated/loaded data

Adapted from: eStandards – eHealth Standards and Profiles in Action for Europe and Beyond, Deliverable 3.5: Roadmap for collaborative and sustainable standards development – Recommendations for a globally competitive Europe; Companion Document 2: The eStandards Roadmap Components; Final Version 1.0, 31.07.2017, chapter 7. (see the The eStandards Roadmap for the Patient Summary)

A good starting point for the citizen to get acquainted with the IPS would be: