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e-Patient Dave got his IPS QR-code

Dave deBronkart, better known as e-Patient Dave, has taken the legacy of Casey Quinlan and got his own QR-code for his IPS. In his blog Dave reports his enthusiasm of actually realising this dream of an empowered patient, albeit as a “proof of concept”. It is an inspiring story to let patients help produce and use the IPS for the purposes it was designed for: to provide clinicians with the health data needed to provide safe and effective care.

This patient-mediated scenario is just one of the ways that the IPS can be made available. And it is important to note that Dave chose to not have additional security layers to protect his IPS, which would normally be part of the solution implemented. You can just scan the QR-code and get direct access to his IPS in SMART Health Link format, which enables you to both view the IPS and access it as a FHIR document.

Other types of infrastructures are available for the IPS, which will, for instance, make sure that only recognised healthcare personnel will be able to access the IPS or that the IPS is sourced from an accredited organisation.

Read Dave’s blog on his website.