The International Patient Summary key health data, worldwide

New Zealand Patient Summary

This year every Kiwi will be able to access their health information in one place via the My Health Record portal and app. My Health Record is the entry point to the New Zealand Patient Summary, a fully conforming adaptation of the International Patient Summary.

Beyond the central IPS sections, the New Zealand Patient Summary extends to eligibility and entitlement, and recent encounters, as well as trial implementations of the alerts and patient story sections introduced by the draft new edition of IPS.

The New Zealand Patient Summary helps consumers tell their health story in digital form and streamlines their interactions with the health system. Seasonal workers and visitors to New Zealand will benefit too, as other nations in Oceania and around the world adopt IPS and there is mutual recognition.

Health New Zealand has led this work in partnership with consumers, providers, and the software and standards community.

Two recent events have taken this work forward:

  • Ring of FHIR connectathon with HL7 New Zealand, HL7 Australia and Sparked
  • IPS-athon at Digital Health Week New Zealand – watch the video recap on Vimeo

The IPS-athon brought to life e-patient Iosefa to inform development of the New Zealand Patient Summary.

Of course, you are welcome to take a look at the New Zealand Patient Summary FHIR Implementation Guide