The International Patient Summary key health data, worldwide

New Zealand is actively implementing IPS

With great engagement from HL7 New Zealand, the country is moving quickly forward to implement the Patient Health Summary, based on the IPS. The Health Information Standards Organisation has the NZIPS standard in development, but already some implementations are in production.

The ALEX platform has been developed so that healthcare practices can share healthcare data and records securely with third-party applications like patient portals, appointment bookings, kiosks and telehealth.

To have a look at the contents of the Patient Health Summary, look at the ALEX website page detailing the API that is being made available for the Patient Health Summary.

On the consumer side, one example is Centrik, a company that provides, among others, patient apps that are well connected to the care delivery network of a patient. Read their blog on FHIR standards being key to unlocking innovation for consumer health tech.