The International Patient Summary key health data, worldwide

Exploring the clinical value of the International Patient Summary – a systematic review

By: Djowin Schippers and Robert A. Stegwee

In: Proceedings of the 2024 Australasian Computer Science Week, January 2024, Pages 78–86.

Please access the conference paper online (open access)

Abstract: This systematic review examines the impact of the International Patient Summary (IPS) in healthcare based on twelve studies. Key findings highlight its value, including enhanced care quality, improved communication, and cost-effectiveness. Sufficient financial resources and adequate funding emerge as significant facilitators, while barriers such as privacy and interoperability concerns underscore the need for proactive measures. Further research is crucial to delve into specific factors influencing IPS implementation and its practical effects on healthcare, fostering a comprehensive understanding for practical adoption, and stimulating the further adoption of the IPS worldwide.