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Canada completed a second PS-CA Projectathon

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The March 2023 Projectathon was dedicated to supporting Patient Summary implementation projects across Canada. The expansion of patient summary adoption is a key initiative within the Shared Pan-Canadian Interoperability Roadmap; the March 2023 Projectathon convened vendors to test and collaborate on the specific use cases within the pan-Canadian Patient Summary Specification (PS-CA). Among other objectives, the event sought to:

  • Enable vendors to demonstrate the ability to implement the IPS-aligned PS-CA and pan-Canadian FHIR Exchange (CA:FeX) specifications for the secure exchange of well-formed patient summaries
  • Communicate next steps and future planning for the Shared Pan-Canadian Interoperability Roadmap, especially regarding PS-CA and CA:FeX specifications

The 2023 Projectathon represented a significant milestone in our journey toward pan-Canadian interoperability. Read the report for a summary of our 2023 event and to learn more about the ongoing collaboration with our jurisdictional and vendor stakeholders to achieve this shared vision.

You can browse or download the full report on the March 2023 Projectathon .