The International Patient Summary key health data, worldwide

3rd JIC openForum 9 December 2021

The 3rd JIC openForum on 9 December 2021 was fully dedicated to the IPS, with different speakers from different countries in the morning and afternoon sessions. It featured progress being made in GDHP countries and a discussion led by GDHP leadership. 

Morning session:
Chaired by Ulrike Kreysa, GS1 Healthcare
SDO Panel consisting of Amit Trivedi (IHE), Grahame Grieve (HL7) and Stephen Kay (CEN/ISO)
Discussions with the audience moderated by Jürgen Brandstätter (IHE)

Adoption in New Zealand by Alastair Kenworthy
Implementation in UK by John Farenden and Lee Rickles
Discussion led by Herko Coomans (NL)

Afternoon session:
Chaired by Andreas Klingler (DICOM)
SDO Panel consisting of Derek Ritz (IHE), Suzy Roy (SNOMED) and Sylvia Thun (HL7)
Discussions with the audience moderated by Robert Stegwee (CEN)

Adoption in Argentina by Dr Martín Diaz Maffini
Implementation in Canada by Attila Farkas
Discussion led by Steven Posnack (US)