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25tIPSter: 25 Thousand International Patient Summary Test Records

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The 25tIPSter Project in a nutshell

The goal for the 25TIPSTER Project is to provide 25.000 International Patient Summary Clinical Test Records in Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) format. The objective is to allow better education and prototyping for upcoming implementations of the IPS.

The project was initiated in December 2020 by Dr Kai U Heitmann from the health innovation hub (hih) of the Ministry of Health, Germany.

The 25tIPSter Project – Clinical IPS Test Data in FHIR Format

Why 25,000?

== Project Team Members The following individuals chimed in to contribute to this project:

  • Dr Kai U Heitmann, health innovation hub (hih), Ministry of Health, Germany
  • Giorgio Cangioli, Senior Consultant, HL7 Europe, Italy